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Need an hour workout? Bored with the elliptical? ‘Tri’ something different!

This year’s TRI60 is on March 9, 2019.

Registration Opening Soon!

USA Triathlon has developed an indoor triathlon program called USATri60 to introduce individuals to the sport of triathlon at a grassroots level.  The purpose will be to expose participants to the sport of triathlon in a one hour, non-threatening setting and with a built-in support system built to drive the concept that ‘anyone can be a triathlete’.

The event in total is one hour and 15 minutes.  The name USATri60 was derived from 60 minutes of exercise (10 minute swim, 30 minute bike, 20 minute run).  The additional 15 minutes is transition time between swim to bike and bike to run.

Transition is the time between the swim and the bike (T1) and also between the bike and the run (T2).  T1, which is 10 minutes, allows participants time to get out of their swim suits and into their cycling gear as well as get set up at the bike.  T2, which is 5 minutes, allows those athletes that wear clip shoes, time to change into running shoes and get set up at the treadmill.

Swim (10 minutes)– will be in our pool with the lanes that serve to separate swimmers from each other.  There will be a maximum of two athletes in each lane to allow each athlete to swim at their own pace.

Bike (30 minutes) – will be on stationary/spin bikes.  All bikes will be calibrated the same to start each wave.  Once your wave has started, you can adjust your tension and speed to your ability.  

Run (20 minutes) – will be on treadmills.  All treadmills will be set at a 0%
incline to start each wave. Once your wave has started, you can adjust your incline and speed to your ability.

For the swim each lap will be counted by the length of the pool.  For example: when you go down and back, that will count as 2 laps.  A volunteer will be stationed at each lane to count your laps so you do not need to worry about keeping track.  Just keep swimming!   Only full laps will be counted.For the bike and the run, volunteers will be available to record your distance based on the computerized console on each unit.

All participants will be assigned a race number that will be visible on all swim caps as well as marked on the top of each participants hand.

Why should you try the USATri60? It offers an opportunity for athletes to break out of their normal workout routine. Almost the entire building of the Cortland County Family YMCA will be dedicated to this event and will provide a great opportunity for members to socialize and cheer each other on. Each athlete will receive a USATri60 goodie bag!