Membership Plans

The Cortland County Family YMCA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment to all members and guests.

Letter to the Membership – updated June 2014

Membership Options

Adult: Anyone 24 years of age and over; filing their own tax returns or living independently.

Family:  Husband, wife (significant other), with dependent children including children in college full time (up to age 25) or a foster child with court papers, as claimed on IRS/tax form

*Grandparents can purchase a family membership with up to 3 grandchildren allowed on their account

Single Parent: One adult with dependent children including a child in college full time or foster child with court papers.

Couples: Two adults in the same household with no children.

Junior: Anyone ages 14-25.

College: Falls under Junior rate. Must be enrolled in college full-time, with proof of 12 credit hours. College Summer Break special is $100/year.

The Cortland County Family YMCA has specific policies on children’s safety:

General Age Policy: No child under the age of 11 is to be left unsupervised at the Y, unless they are enrolled in a YMCA program.

YMCA Fitness Center Policy: For safety concerns, no one under the age of 14 is allowed in the YMCA Fitness Center, unless enrolled in a YMCA program with an instructor present. No shoes worn in the Y from outside are to be used on the cardio equipment. Mud/salt/water quickly adds to the degradation of the equipment.

Pool/Aquatic Policy: No child under the age of 11 is allowed unsupervised in the pool area, unless enrolled in a YMCA program and an adult must be in the pool with children ages 6 and under.

Military Policy: All military members get a free membership when they are home. Stop by the front desk to inquire.

**Definitions effective as of 1/1/2015.**

The Cortland YMCA is also proud to be a part of the NYS-YMCA initiative. Click Here for more details on the newest, state-wide collaboration. This program does not include health club memberships, and all non-member fees apply for programming.

The Cortland YMCA also accepts all SILVER and FIT applicants. Silver and Fit is a program for seniors as a part of their medicare/medicaid benefit. For more details on Silver and Fit, and if you qualify, click here