Membership Rates 2017-05-22T17:31:13+00:00
Membership PlanAnnual RateMonthly Drafts against Annual Dues
Youth (1-17)$193.80$17
Young Adult (18-29)$296.40$26
Adults (30+)$478.40$42
One Adult Household$592.80$52
Health Club Locker Rental (each)$216.60$19
Basic Locker Rental $114$10

Prices effective 2/1/2017.

Health Club and Basic Locker Rentals are in addition to the adult, couples, family, or single parent family memberships.

The Cortland County Family YMCA has specific policies on children’s safety:

General Age Policy: No child under the age of 11 is to be left unsupervised at the Y, unless they are enrolled in a YMCA program.

YMCA Fitness Center Policy: For safety concerns, no one under the age of 14 is allowed in the YMCA Fitness Center, unless enrolled in a YMCA program with an instructor present. No shoes worn in the Y from outside are to be used on the cardio equipment. Mud/salt/water quickly adds to the degradation of the equipment.

Pool/Aquatic Policy: No child under the age of 11 is allowed unsupervised in the pool area, unless enrolled in a YMCA program and an adult must be in the pool with children ages 6 and under.