Membership Rates

Membership PlanYearly RateMonthly CC/Bank Draft
Youth-Team-Program Member (4-13)$150$16
Junior (14-25)$235$25
Adults (26+)$425$39
Single Parent Family$505$47
Health Club Locker Rental (each)$190$16
Basic Locker Rental $87$8

Prices effective 1/1/2015.

Health Club and Basic Locker Rentals are in addition to the adult, couples, family, or single parent family memberships.

Full-Time (12 credit hours) college students can purchase a junior rate for the two semesters, or half the junior rate for one semester (capital fund due with either choice).

The Cortland County Family YMCA has specific policies on children’s safety:

General Age Policy: No child under the age of 11 is to be left unsupervised at the Y, unless they are enrolled in a YMCA program.

YMCA Fitness Center Policy: For safety concerns, no one under the age of 14 is allowed in the YMCA Fitness Center, unless enrolled in a YMCA program with an instructor present. No shoes worn in the Y from outside are to be used on the cardio equipment. Mud/salt/water quickly adds to the degradation of the equipment.

Pool/Aquatic Policy: No child under the age of 11 is allowed unsupervised in the pool area, unless enrolled in a YMCA program and an adult must be in the pool with children ages 6 and under.