Away Day Fees2018-03-22T09:43:42+00:00

Effective January 1, 2018

Youth Day Fees: $5 (through June 30, 2018)

Day Fees: $10.00

Family Day Fee (up to 6 people): $20.00

The day fee does not include use of the Health Club Lockers.


The Cortland County Family YMCA participates in the YMCA AWAY program. Through this, YMCA members are allowed to visit YMCAs across the country free of charge or at a reduced rate.

The Cortland County Family YMCA’s AWAY Policy is that any YMCA member can visit and use our facilities free for up to 5 days a calendar year, and after the 5 free visits, there will be a $10.00 a day charge.

NYS Alliance YMCA Membership Policy:

As a participating NYS Alliance YMCA, The Cortland County Family YMCA will allow any other NYS Alliance YMCA member to use the Cortland YMCA for no cost to the visiting member. Regular NYS Alliance YMCA visitors to the Cortland YMCA will have to fill out our membership form to have information on file.

The away program does not include Health Club lockers.

Participating Regional Alliance YMCA