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The Cortland County Family YMCA offers a number of fitness classes, ALL of which are free to members. Our well-trained instructors can help you to get into shape, be fit, and to have fun! Below is a schedule of our current offerings as well as descriptions of each unique class. For more information, please contact us at 607-756-2893 or stop in!

Fitness Class Schedule


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Class Descriptions

Adaptive Dance (1 class per week) FREE
Fun upbeat class for individuals with developmental disabilities. Learn new dances or have fun practicing old ones!

Aqua Amp/Cardio Interval Water Aerobics (1 class per week)
Two variations of higher intensity water aerobics. Designed to challenge participants cardiovascularly without the impact and joint stress of typical land-based high intensity exercises. Very progressive- any fitness level can benefit from safely challenging themselves and progressing over time.

Body Shop (2 classes per week)
Work out at your own intensity! This class features a one-minute-on/one-minute-off approach to fitness using body weight exercises, dumbbells, and similar equipment. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

CardioBoxing (1 class per week)
A challenging aerobic workout that incorporates movement, self-defense, and boxing. This moderately challenging class combines cardio and boxing to provide a full-body workout. Learn something new every week! Appropriate for most fitness levels.

Cardio Toning (1 class per week)
Music-motivated exercise using hand weights, body weight resistance, and floor work; mixed with HIIT and/or cardio bursts. Complete total-body workout.

Cardio, Core and More (1 class per week)
A routine that incorporates plyometrics with moderate to high intensity interval training. Ideal for athletes looking to increase their speed, agility, and endurance or anyone who is interested in improving their fitness level. Heart Rate Monitors encouraged.

Cardio Toning (1 class per week)
Music-motivated exercise using hand weights, body weight resistance, and floor work; mixed with HIIT and/or cardio bursts. Complete total-body workout.

Crystal’ates (3 classes per week)
A zero impact Pilates inspired workout concentrating on proper form and the mind-body connection. Learn muscle control, utilization, and breathing. Condition the entire body as you release stress and revive the spirit.

Intense workout for the beginner through advanced. Improves cardio-vascular fitness and endurance.
Requirements: Orientation with instructor; sign-up for each class.

Cycling Orientation
A comprehensive 30 minute orientation to our cycle program; learn how to setup the bike, the different positions you will use, and more. Takes the place of having to attend a 15 minute orientation prior to first class.

Hard HIIT’ers
High Intensity Interval Training. A quick 30 minute high intensity work-out geared towards those who have time constraints. Quick doesn’t mean easy- high intensity helps boost metabolism and burn more calories throughout the whole day!

STEP Interval (1 class per week)
A class designed around the step- aerobic conditioning in combination with muscle toning exercises. A full body workout.

Stretch and Sculpt (1 class per week)
Music-motivated class using hand weights and stability balls. Low weights allow targeting of specific muscles, and higher repetitions build endurance and muscle tone.

Water Aerobics (2 classes per week)
A music driven, low impact, energizing workout that is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Tone the entire body as you improve posture, balance, joint mobility- and have fun doing it! Class is held in the shallow end of the pool- no swimming required.

Deep Water Aerobics (3 classes per week)
Medium to high intensity interval class, with zero impact on knees, hips and back.

Yoga (2 classes per week)
Decrease your stress through well-rounded practice increasing breathing awareness, strengthening and lengthening your body while clearing your mind and balancing energy. Appropriate for all levels of fitness.