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Explore and Grow with STEM Saturdays

New to the Cortland YMCA!

STEM-Saturdays are a once-a-month opportunity for children to learn, grow, and explore with science, technology, engineering, and math. Each event features a take-home project, a healthy snack, and more!

This program is run with the advisement of local engineers, programmers, teachers, and others with experience in STEM fields.

This program is intended for children ages 5-12, and parents are encouraged to help out and participate. STEM Saturdays cost $5 per child.

Upcoming Events:

March 10th: Join us as we explore electricity and create paper circuit robots!

April 7th: Get excited about the environment! Our April activities include learning about the importance of trees, exploring photosynthesis, and putting together a fun take-home project.

May 5th: Project TBA.