Week Two: Play

Your STRONG Challenge continues by rediscovering Play! Research affirms that we are STRONGER when we are having fun; remember the number of times in a day you laughed as a kid? Remember feeling invincible? What about now?

This week, embrace your inner child. Go for a walk to the nearest park, build a snowman, or enjoy a winter hike. Watch a favorite movie from your childhood, or schedule a board game night with your family (there are great options for playing online!).

Rediscovering your joy will add to your foundation of strength. You were made to PLAY!



The Importance of Play for Adults

If you miss the carefree days of childhood–playing with friends, tackling challenges with little fear, and chasing your passions without apology, this week is for you.

This week, we’re encouraging you to tap into the things that bring you happiness. Adults need play just as much as children do, even if our playtime looks a little different now than when you were a child. It’s an essential part of self-care, proving stress release, enrichment, novelty, and pleasure.

Want to know more? The Importance of Play for Adults from Psych Central is a great starting point!

What to Expect This Week:

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