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The Cortland YMCA has partnered with Medicare supplemental insurance companies to offer a reduced rate to seniors and others who qualify for the Medicare supplement programs.

These reduced-rate plans give you access to everything that comes with a regular YMCA membership: all of our fitness classes, pool and gymnasium use, and full access to our fitness facilities.

The YMCA is a community. It’s a place to get involved, have fun, and give back. It’s also a place to set and achieve wellness goals, no matter what they are. We have a variety of fitness classes, of varying intensity levels.

Signing up for an insurance-based membership plan is easy, whether you’re new to the Cortland YMCA or a current member.

NEW! Silver Sneakers

Find Your Best You.

Now Available at the Cortland YMCA!

Join the Cortland YMCA for FREE with Silver Sneakers through Tivity Health. Enjoy all classes, fitness equipment, the pool and the gymnasium, as well as a free orientation scheduled the day you sign up!

Cost to Member: FREE

Through: Tivity Health/Silver Sneakers

How to Sign Up:

Bring your Silver Sneakers card to the front desk and fill out a membership form. We’ll make a copy of your card to attach to your file, and get you started right then!

Am I eligible for Silver Sneakers?

Silver and Fit

Get Fit. Have Fun. Be Healthy.® Reshape your life with Silver&Fit!

Silver&Fit gives you the choice of membership in a fitness club/exercise center or the Silver&Fit Home Fitness Program. And the best part is that for a low annual fee, you are offered this great program as part of your Medicare Advantage plan membership.

Cost to Member: $25 a year

Through: Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan

How to Sign Up: Stop by the front desk with your insurance ID number.

Renew Active (was Optum Fitness Advantage)

With Renew Active from UnitedHealthcare®, it’s easy to keep your fitness routine fresh and fun. When you visit any participating location, you’ll have access to a variety of exercise classes, fitness equipment and social activities. And you can visit any participating location at no additional cost to you, since Optum Fitness Advantage is part of your UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan.

Cost to Member:  FREE

Through:  United Healthcare

How to Sign Up: Log in to to get your fitness ID. Bring this number with you to sign up.

Doxycycline no Prescription Needed

Your health is important to you. As part of your AARP Medicare Supplement Plan, you can save 50% on your Cortland YMCA Membership!  Present your fitness ID number, and pay only $21 a month for great YMCA programs and classes.

Cost to Member: $21/Month (50% of membership cost)

Through: Medicare  AARP Supplement through United Healthcare Insurance

How to Sign Up: Visit to get your fitness confirmation ID. Bring this number with you to sign up.


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